On my first visit to Stow Maries Aerodrome back in 2008, it become apparent to me that as the only remaining Royal Flying Corps aerodrome it is a very special heritage site. Within a few short weeks I began to notice an abundance of wildlife and started to take photographs. I’ve been capturing images on the aerodrome ever since.

My daily morning and evening tours of the site are amazing, I never fail to be surprised at the variety of wildlife we have here. To date we have 23 red-listed birds recorded. In the winter months we can boast all 5 species of British owls.

The wildlife has become accustomed to my daily rounds, enabling me to get very close and capture some of those hard to get images. I’ve learnt to have endless patience and find that time flies past at an alarming rate whilst waiting for that special shot.

A great start to my working day.