Media interest in the owls at Stow Maries
13th November 2014
I have just signed a deal with Barcroft Media who will be marketing my images to publications, websites and broadcasters in over fifty countries.

They have already had features on some of my shots of the little owls published in the Daily Mail, the Times, the Daily Telegraph and the Guardian. It's so great to see that people are so interested in the owls and nature in general. I've got a very soft spot for the little owls as they are such big characters. I spend many hours watching them and enjoy every minute!

You can check out some of the online articles here:

02nd November 2014
I'm posting a shot I took of Katy Griffin who won the recent Sigma competition and received her new Sigma 50-500mm f/4-5.3 DG OS HSM Lens on 9th October 2014 when she visited Stow Maries aerodrone to photograph some of the wildlife with me.

We had a great day!

If you have a look at the Win A Visit to Stow page on the website now, you will see that you can win a visit to the site one morning, if you purchase an item from my website.

Good luck!

04th September 2014
I went to the British Wildlife Photography Awards ceremony last night as I had a picture that was highly commended and another that is going to be in the book that accompanies the event. It was a really good evening, hosted by Chris Packham, who made some very nice comments about my video footage of water voles (even though I hadn't actually entered any of that footage in this competition).

There's a page on the website now about the competition, which shows the two images that were selected, but I thought you might like to see a couple of snaps I took at the event.

Filming Watervoles
04th August 2014
Have not been posting much these past few weeks as i have been busy making a short film on water voles. Thought i would post this to show how close you can get them to you if are very still. I've been having great fun with the little guys!!!!

While filming this water vole I had another that came up and sat on my Wellington boot. When it was sitting there I could feel its heartbeat on my leg, quite an experience!!

Filming with the One Show
25th July 2014
I've spent some time over the last two weeks filming watervoles for the One Show. The car got a bit crowded - but we managed to fit the phone in to get a selfie!

We also found time to enjoy the offerings at the Mess Hall at Stow!

Flickr Blog
23rd June 2014
I was lucky enough recently to have my photography featured in the Flickr blog. I was really delighted that they asked me to be one of their featured photographers as I use Flickr a lot to post my images, and I've recently achieved over 2 million views of my photos on the site.

If you want to read it just click here.
Springwatch 2014
06th June 2014
I have been working on some water vole video work both for capturing the behaviour of the voles which led to building a small island I can entice the water vole to with a little bit of apple or juice.

This led to some fantastic footage on the Gopro. Also managed to install these under water around the platform I was working with to capture some fantastic under water footage. In addition I used the fabulous Canon XA25, an awesome bit of kit which I would recommend to anyone doing filming with wildlife – small and light but absolutely stunning images.

Indeed when I sent some of this footage to the Springwatch Team I was pleased to be asked to have it shown on the show and this went down very well. Also Tuesday of this week (3rd June) I was called in for the Unsprung part of Springwatch to do a small segment featuring Nick Baker and some of the disciplines in photography and had a great time working with the team of people with so much enthusiasm.

I am now thinking of other things I can come up with to put together something else.

BBC Film at Stow Maries
16th March 2014
On Monday and Tuesday this week (10th and 11th March 2014) the BBC came to film footage for a program called Naomi's Wildlife Nightmares.

We spent two days filming moles and hares. We even managed to get some footage of a female hare nursing her young, something which is very rarely seen.

The weather, for March, was wonderful and the sun shone on us, and the wildlife were very obliging so the shoot went well.

Naomi Wilkinson and the crew were great fun to spend time with so altogether I can definitely say it was a couple of days well spent.

The program airs in June, so I hope you will all be able to watch and enjoy it.

My New Website
14th February 2014
Hi Everyone

I have just created a new website to showcase the wildlife photos I take at the aerodrome at Stow Maries. I hope you like them. I will be regularly updating the images available on this website as I continue to take photos at Stow Maries on a daily basis.

If you want to purchase any of the images just click on the one you like and you will be able to buy a print or canvas of the image. If there is an option you are interested in that is not listed, just contact me and I will be happy to help.

Feel free to leave feedback on the site via the Contact page.