Springwatch 2014

06th June 2014
I have been working on some water vole video work both for capturing the behaviour of the voles which led to building a small island I can entice the water vole to with a little bit of apple or juice.

This led to some fantastic footage on the Gopro. Also managed to install these under water around the platform I was working with to capture some fantastic under water footage. In addition I used the fabulous Canon XA25, an awesome bit of kit which I would recommend to anyone doing filming with wildlife – small and light but absolutely stunning images.

Indeed when I sent some of this footage to the Springwatch Team I was pleased to be asked to have it shown on the show and this went down very well. Also Tuesday of this week (3rd June) I was called in for the Unsprung part of Springwatch to do a small segment featuring Nick Baker and some of the disciplines in photography and had a great time working with the team of people with so much enthusiasm.

I am now thinking of other things I can come up with to put together something else.